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Gün-Ka Machine has been designing and manufacturing drying and burnout ovens for 15 years. Wet and powder painting burnout ovens are manufactured modular. Computer supported designs are used for special requirements.

Drying And Burnout Ovens

  Continual Drying And Burnout Ovens
  Box Type Wet And Powder Painting Burnout Ovens
  Drying And Burnout Oven Applications

Technical Features

  • Sandwich type isolation panels.
  • Internal surfaces are manufactured with galvanize sheet, external surfaces are manufactured with painted dkp sheet.
  • The general structure has an isolated door on the front. Modifications can be done.
  • Ovens floor is isolated with fiberglass.
  • The filter has a adjustable sac for fresh air.
  • The oven is manufactured with a top air blower or a side air blower.
  • Heating is directly suplied by a heat generator that runs with electric, fuel-oil, dizel, LPG or natural gas.
  • Long life usage is purveyed by the stainless heat generator and the usage of a boiler tube
  • Temprature can be controlled by the electronic digital indicator and the control components.
  • Wide accessory options;
    • Transporting car
    • Second door
    • Ex-proof lighting
    • Chimney
    • Temperature recording machine
    • Oven time clock
    • Malfunction warning system